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Weekend Box Office Reaction 4/1/2012

Posted by Matthew Liedke on April 1, 2012 at 6:55 PM

1. The Hunger Games - $61,100,000

Second week in and Hunger Games stays at number one. This year wass already looking good enough for the box office with so many sequels lined up, but it's looking even better now with The Hunger Games going well over 250 million in it's second week. It should be interesting to see if this will be able to do a three peat and keep the number one spot away from the only release next weekend, "American Reunion."

2. Wrath of the Titans - $34,200,000

Wrath of the Titans was not able to rake in as much as it's predecesor in it's opening weekend. It took in about half of it of what Clash made it's first week in the box office, Studios probably won't be very happy with this release at all as the film has a LONG way to go to make up it's $150 million budget, plus I highly doubt it will be able to make it further up in the top five.

3. Mirror Mirror - $19,000,000

One of the two "Snow White" adaptions is already looking like a flop as "Mirror Mirror" only was able to take in $19 million when it's budget was $85 million. The film didn't seem to be making any friends though as it's marketing was poorly received by most. I expect that it will most likely drop more next week.

4. 21 Jump Street - $15,000,000

21 Jump Street continues it's nice run at the box office. It's not smashing the box office like crazy however it is nearing the $100 million total mark and has doubled it's production budget of $42 million. Because of it's success I'm really expecting a sequel.

5. The Lorax - $8,000,000

Not much left to say about "The Lorax's" run at the box office but that it has made a good bunch of cash. After five weeks the film has made nearly $190 million and still can get a couple more million before it's out of the cinemas.

Next Week

There is only one major release next weekend and that is the Rated R American Reunion. It should be real interesting to see if the fourth installment in the series can take away the huge success "The Hunger Games."

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