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Megamind Review

Posted by Matthew Liedke on November 6, 2010 at 12:35 AM


Tom McGrath


Will Ferrell     

Brad Pitt

Tina Fey

Jonah Hill

David Cross

Rated: PG


Well now I can forgive Will Ferrell for Land of the Lost.

Megamind is the latest film from the Dreamworks Animation Studio which has had a busy year with How to Train Your Dragon, Shreck 4, and now this. Megamind (Ferrell) follows the title character who is an alien from a planet that was destroyed. Now living on Earth he plans to conquer it after growing up in a prison. At the same time, another alien from a nearby planet that was destroyed also lives on Earth and has become it's protector, his name is Metro Man (Pitt). Their battles continue on until finally Megamind does what even he though was impossbile, to eliminate Metroman.

After this Megamind feels everything is going his way after getting rid of his enemy, however he soon learns that it's no fun being a villain without an adversary, because of this he decides to make a new hero, Tighten, from the local news cameraman played by Jonah Hill. At the same time, Megamind takes the appearence as a Metroman researcher and starts a relationship in his disquise with the 'Louis Lane' character of the film Roxanne Ritchi (Fey). Things start to get out of hand though when Tighten doesn't make for the best hero.

One of the taglines to the film was "the superhero movie will never be the same," although it doesn't really live up to this. The film really doesn't have the most original story. It has an idea that is very similar to Despicable Me, however despite not being completley original, the story was still strong. The pacing was great and there was actually a good amount of heart to it. Some of it was also a bit predictable (especially with that trailer they put out) however there were still some good surprises in there.The film never felt dull either, even without being very original, I found it pretty fresh.

The characters were what carried a lot of the movie. First of all, the voice acting was superb here. In most Dreamworks animated films, the voice talents are usually big named actors who are just brought on because of their financial draw. Usually all the voices are so distinct, when you watch the movie you just here the voice and see the actor not the character, but that wasn't the case here, mostly. I really didn't see Pitt, Farrell, or Fey in the film at all, that's how well their voices blended with the character, something I really appriciate in voice acting. The one that really comes through over everybody though is Jonah Hill who is instantly recognizable.

Megamind himself was a great protagonist, being very charasmatic and fun to follow. Farrell definetley brought the character to life. and his sidekick, Minion played by David Cross made for a great addition too. Megamind and Minion were written very well giving their characters a lot of chemistry. Roxanne Ritchie was a good character too, making for a good love interest in the film.

The dialogue written for the characters was really good too, having a lot of wit and humor involved. I laughed quite a few times through the movie and got them all from different characters. The comedy was also helped by some bits of slapstick that was done by the animation team which was another highlight.

I saw the film in 3D, however I don't think it needed it. The animation looked fantastic in the film, everything crisp, clear and well rendered. It especially made for some great action scenes, especially towards the end.

Overall, Megamind is a great animated film, it may not have the heart that some of it's Pixar rival's have however it still has heart to it and is a lot of fun to watch as well. Plus Megamind has one of the best entrances that any character has had in a movie (the welcome to the jungle scene). This one gets a solid 4 out of 5.

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