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Casa de mi Padre Review

Posted by Matthew Liedke on April 22, 2012 at 11:05 AM


Matt Piedmont


Will Ferrell

Diego Luga

Genesis Rodriguez

Efren Ramirez

Rated: R



The latest WIll Farrell film follows his character Armando, a man working on his father's ranch in Mexico. Armando mainly lives a quite life however he starts to see that there are a lot of drug killings going on. Things get worse as his brother Raul (Luga) comes back home and is discovered to be in the drug business as well.


All the while  Armando becomes infactuated with Raul's fiance Sonia (Rodriguez), this begins to all cause tension as a drug war begins to start in the families lands, and it falls on Armando's shoulders to protect the family honor.


The entire film is basically a mock on older soap operas like dramas, westerns and has a very "grind-house" like feel to it. None of it is really ever ment to be taken seriously as the characters are usually always overacting and being goofy. This premise of just basically being a satire is sort of funny at first however the novelty of it wears out before the first act even finishes. This makes the rest of the movie drag quite a bit with only a few funny parts here and there along the way.


Giving credit where it's due, WIll Farrell did a good job of doing what was basically a foreign language film. He plays the role like it's supposed to be played, being over the top serious all the time. The rest of the cast does fine as well, I especially liked Gael Garcia Bernal as the evil king pin character Onza, he made for a funny villain.


What seemed to be "Casa de mi Padre's" downfal was the writing. It's a shame to because the performances here are actually good, however there just wasn't enough jokes with big payoffs to deliver the laughs through out the movie. There were some nice gags occasionally however the film barely delivers anything more than chuckles.


For the most part "Casa de mi Padre" feels like a "Saturday Night Live" sketch that had some funny parts, but went on far to long and isn't very memorable. It's not truly a bad movie, it seemed like the idea was good in theory however there just wasn't enough substance to make a good film. This one gets a high 2 out of 5.

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